Thursday, December 6, 2007

New openSUSE Packages: KDE 4.0 RC1, KOffice 2 Alpha5, Firefox 3.0 Beta

OpenSUSE 10.3 users now has the option to install the latest development releases of KDE 4.0, KOffice 2 and Firefox 3.0.
The best part is that this is available through the innovative and easy to use 1-Click install.

KDE 4.0 now has Kickoff KDE menu, Plasma, Dolphin File manager, Oxygen, new icons and cool 3D effects. To install latest KDE 4.0 RC1 use . Full KOffice packages are also in the KDE4 Repository.
Similarly Firefox 3.0 Beta could be installed by clicking

Some user Comments.

  1. Install kde4-wallpapers if the 1-Click install does not install the cool KDE 4.0 wallpapers ( It might conflict with existing kde3 packages).
  2. I find openSUSE packages for Firefox3 to be more responsive (switching tabs and scrolling) compared with Firefox2 packages.
  3. After 4 attempts, I managed to get everything up and running, and I’m glad I did.

    The one click install did its job well, even in my previously failed attempts by rescuing the aborted installations.

    Now I’ve got it, two things really suprise me; Firstly, how much
    quicker web browsing is, and secondly, I now have 3D graphics without
    all the fuss of repeatedly initalising it through a terminal window.

    Linux has indeed come a long way since my first encounter with SUSE
    9.0, and for sheer speed, 10.3 has overtaken much of what Microsoft has
    to offer.

    For now, I’m hooked.

    Allan Green. (Cutting Edge Systems)
  4. never mind, I tried it, and it’s ok, but not usable. I found it to be, on 1gb of ram, twice as slow as 3.5.
  5. KDE 4 is really starting to come together. I would like to see how it
    comes together in final, and what SUSE does to polish it up in 11. It
    might be what makes me switch from GNOME to KDE…. hmmm…

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