Monday, November 5, 2007

Open Source projects prefer to close the project

Read this amazing article about open source projects trying to apply the closed source tactics.
  1. KDE's Oxygen Project ( icon redesign) releases a few icons under LGPL and then the project people object when an outsider releases a GNOME theme package based on the above icons.
  2. GIMP UI Redesign team closes the access of project wiki. Only the project team can make changes. This goes to an extent where an excited would-be participant volunteered to help and got the reply "I am afraid that I do not have positions open at the moment." from the project lead of GIMP UI redesign team.
In my opinion open source should be really open, with inputs from all. However, the core team should have the approval rights, denying to submit a patch is total gross. Similarly, if a release is made under GPL (variants ) then the people should not crib about its legitimate usage or reproduction.

Please do read the full article for details.

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