Friday, November 30, 2007

Why GNOME Sucks

As Reported at this blog.

I love Qt. Really, not only it’s very integrated, and has a lot of high level functions, things like QString::split(QRegExp), and high level functions, in QSettings. It also has IMHO the best BiDi support, much better then the alternatives (IMHO).
Here is a small example:

Lets count the horrors in that screen shot (taken by running “LANGUAGE=he monodevelop on KUbuntu 7.10):

  1. English translation, on RTL desktop.
  2. In RTL mode, the toolbars are left aligned (should be right aligned)
  3. The wizard’s next arrow points to the right (should be left)
  4. Next/prev windows arrows in the menu point to the wrong direction (not visible in the screen shot)

Don’t get me wrong, KDE3 had some of those issues. But after 3-5 years of usage, someone had to fix them and that someone did. At KDE3 it was done so magically inside KDE3libs, that when Dolphin3 was released, I tried to find some bugs on it and fix them, but I found no visible bug. Then I looked at the code, to see who actually did that job, and I found that the code contains no logic to RTL desktops. Yes, writing KDE3 applications which are RTL aware, is trivial and done for you.
And now a tip for the developers: please run your Qt/KDE application with the “–reverse” command line switch. Thanks.

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aMoLk said...

KDE and Gnome suck because they are slow. I don't need my OS to take up so much of my system resources.

There biggest problem is how tightly coupled all softwares are with the Desktop environment. Whatever happened to writing standalone and fast softwares for use with any desktop environment,

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