Monday, October 29, 2007

US tops dirty-dozen spam-relaying countries for Q3 2007

Sophos, the anti-virus and anti-spam software maker, have released their report on span-relaying countries for Q3 2007.
As expected, US continues to be the country responsible for maximum number of spams (28.4 %), followed by South Korea (5.2 %) and China (4.9%) in second and third place respectively.

"It seems as though a major American spammer is arrested every other
week at the moment, but despite these high-profile lawbreakers being
put away, the US continues to relay far more spam than any other
nation on the planet," said Carole Theriault, senior security
consultant at Sophos. "This level of activity can't be attributed
solely to the slick operations of a few cash-hungry criminals. The
problem is there are thousands of spammers using many thousands of
compromised zombie computers in the US."

During August 2007 Sophos identified a series of large-scale malware
attacks made via spam email, with weblinks inserted into spam messages
that directed recipients to malicious websites designed to infect
their PCs.

The report also identified a growth in malicious spam containing
malware, and the virtually overnight rise and fall of PDF spamming.

"The only way we're going to reduce the problem is if U.S. authorities
invest a lot more in educating computer users of the dangers, while
ensuring ISPs step up their monitoring efforts to identify these
compromised machines as early as possible," added Theriault.

Please read the full article at Sophos site.

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