Saturday, September 15, 2007

PCLinuxOS does it

The inevitable has happened. I must say it happened a day or two before I expected.
As per distrowatch, PCLOS is the top distribution in terms of page hit ranking.
1 PCLinuxOS 2522
2 Ubuntu 2517

I just hope that this is the beginning PCLOS required.
This excellent ditro has long deserved this position. It nice to know that finally people are acknowledging it.
For me and my couple of friends PCLOS has been the default choice, because of its user friendliness and stability.
I am bound to have more friends as and when PCLOS is more accepted.
Way to go.


Anonymous said...

Tried a few distros myself gentoo,knoppix,ubuntu,and lastly pclinuxos. For me, pclinux os only had one flaw (that all others shared) poor fonts. I'll be sticking with it.

Abhay said...

Not sure why, but i always find PCLOS to be more stable than Ubuntu.
Anyone else experienced this ?

Mehtuus said...

For some reason, PCLOS ( will not complete the boot-up process on my system. Otherwise I would already be using it as my main OS. KlikIt (, though it is still in alpha, has the same boot problem on my system. PCLOS is a highly polished experience that I intend on partaking in again.

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