Tuesday, September 25, 2007

PCLinuxOS - Despite the fact.

I came across a post at blogspot, which reports PCLOS becoming number 1 on distrowatch PHR.
Thats nothing new, this news is there all over internet. New was the way in which that fellow has reported.
Taking a few lines from it
  1. Despite the fact that Ubuntu is by far the most widely used distribution among the DW readership (as shown by awstats) while PCLinuxOS is not even second
  2. despite the fact that interest and hype over the Canonical OS never cease to increase, attracting even big PC makers
  3. despite the fact that Ubuntu has a clear release schedule and plans to ship a new release in little over a month, while PCLinuxOS is a mystery when it comes to roadmaps
  4. despite all that and more PCLinuxOS seems to attract a constantly increasing number of clicks to its DistroWatch page.
I simply loved his narration. I think the author is awesome.
I understand that he has mentioned all this ironically and seems to make fun of PCLOS rankings, but lets not forget the fact that despite all this, PCLinuxOS is the numero uno at Distrowatch.

PS: Please do read the comments in that post, they are nice too.


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